Claiming decuctions? Top 10 myths busted

The ATO has identified the top 10 tax myths it says are causing incorrect claims.

  • Myth 1: Everyone can automatically claim $150 for clothing and laundry, 5000 kilometres for car related expenses, or $300 for work-related expenses, even if they didn’t spend the money
  • Myth 2: I don’t need a receipt, I can just use my bank or credit card statement
  • Myth 3: I can claim makeup that contains sunscreen if I work outside
  • Myth 4: I can claim my gym membership because I need to be fit for work
  • Myth 5: I can claim all my travel expenses if I add a conference or a few days’ work to my holiday
  • Myth 6: I can claim my work clothes because my boss told me to wear a certain colour
  • Myth 7: I can claim my whole Netflix or Foxtel subscription because I need to keep up to date for work
  • Myth 8: I can claim home-to-work travel because I need to get to work to earn my income
  • Myth 9: I’ve got a capped phone plan, so I can claim both personal and private phone calls
  • Myth 10: If I use an agent, they will take responsibility for my claims.

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