COVID-19 Measures: How your business might be affected

The JobKeeper scheme ended on 28 March 2021. Your business does not have to do anything, but it will need to complete the March monthly business declaration by 14 April 2021. The final payment will be processed in April.

Your business must keep all relevant records for five years in case the ATO decides to look at its JobKeeper claims in detail.

Don’t forget that JobKeeper payments are assessable and should be included in your business’ tax return as income.

If your business has employees and their wages were effectively subsidised by JobKeeper payments, the full wages are still deductible.

If your business decides voluntarily to repay any JobKeeper payments it did not actually need, it will only get a tax deduction if the repayment is appropriate to achieve, or directed at achieving, the objectives of the business. According to the ATO, examples would include where a payment is made to:

  • prevent reduction in business; or
  • publicise and promote a business in the short-term.

Of course, as pointed out by the ATO, if your business deducts from the repayment the amount of tax paid on the payment, the tax outcome will be neutral.

If your business wishes to make a voluntary repayment, it should contact the ATO first as voluntary repayments cannot be made through usual ATO payment channels and require a special Payment Reference Number (PRN).

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