Key Dates for Lodgement and Payment

Here are some key dates for you to keep in mind when lodging and paying tax in relation to individual returns. You should talk to your tax adviser to determine which date is relevant to you.

The lodgement due dates as set out on the ATO website are:


   Lodgement due date                                                                                 

Entity description

31 October 2019

Tax return for all individuals and trusts where one or more prior year tax returns were outstanding as at 30 June 2019.

31 March 2020

Tax return for individuals and trusts whose latest return resulted in a tax liability of $20,000 or more (excluding large/medium trusts).

15 May 2020

Tax returns for all remaining individuals and trusts not required earlier and not eligible for the 5 June concession (including new registrations).

5 June 2020

Subject to certain requirements, there is a concession that allows certain  individual tax returns to be lodged by 5 June without penalty, provided that any payment required is also made by this date.

The ATO website sets out the payment dates for individual and trust tax returns with a due date other than 15 May 2020 as follows:

Due dates for payment of individual and trust income tax assessments when tax returns must be lodged by any date other than 15 May 2020

               If…                                                                                                      then…

1.The Tax Return is lodged on or before the lodgement due date  Payment will be due on the later of the 21 days after the relevant lodgement due date or notice of assessment is deemed received (which is three days after issue)

2. The Tax Return is lodged late  Any tax is payable 21 days after the due date for lodgement

3. The Tax Return is not lodged at all and a default assessment is issues Any tax is payable 21 days after the due date for lodgement

Note! In relation to individual tax returns due 15 May 2020, staggered payment date arrangements exist. You should consult your tax practitioner for details.

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